Interactive sessions

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 767162.

Interactive sessions have been scheduled to address topics ranging from defining new and upcoming challenges on the one hand, to coping with the real world implications of new technologies on the other:

The fish-bowl format is used to manage group discussions. The general idea is that, rather than a large group having an open discussion about an issue (which can be difficult to handle and often only benefits a few active participants), a smaller group (ideally 3 – 6 people) actively participates in discussion while the rest look on and observe without interrupting. Facilitation is focused on the core group discussion. Fishbowls are useful for sharing ideas or information from a variety of perspectives. This technique can help bring transparency to the decision-making process and increase trust and understanding about complex issues. One or more chairs are open to members of the audience who want to ask questions or make comments.
(Source: Knowledge Sharing Toolkit (08.02.2018):

The World Café is a structured conversational process intended to facilitate open and intimate discussion, and link ideas within a larger group to access the “collective intelligence” or collective wisdom in the room. Participants move between a series of tables where they continue the discussion in response to a set of questions which are predetermined and focused on the specific goals of each World Café. As well as speaking and listening, individuals are encouraged to write or doodle on a paper or tablecloth so that when people change tables they can see what previous members have expressed in their own words and images.
(Source: IPFS (09.02.2018):